About Cloud Central

As digital transformation specialists, Cloud Central understand that businesses today need to adapt and evolve to serve the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Cloud Central is your reliable partner for all your business IT requirements.

Cloud Central is a highly skilled team of IT and Communications specialists dedicated to providing strategic IT advice, managed service and support for businesses across the UK.  We have over 25 years’ experience in both the telecommunications and IT industry with exposure to all industry sectors.

Understanding your business

We work in partnership with you and your organisation to create a strategy roadmap that will ensure your business is under-pinned by your IT solution now and into the future; and that costs are controlled through predictable and utility based pricing models.

Understanding your systems

We can help you to understand any risk inherent in your existing solution and help to reduce that risk through optimisation, remedial works or replacement of infrastructure with robust on premise or cloud solutions.

Innovative Technology

Cloud Central delivers the most innovative technology and applications to keep your data, desktop environment and infrastructure secure and instantly restorable, allowing you to remain competitive, productive and flexible. 

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnerships with other leading organisations such as Datto, ESET and Microsoft help us to deliver a wide range of business continuity solutions to secure your essential business data.

Integrated Services

This integrated suite of services includes data back up and DR (Disaster Recovery) advanced Cloud-to-Cloud back up for leading SaaS applications and innovative network continuity solutions.  We can also help you meet your business data security obligations thorough our flexible, safe and powerful data encryption services.

Protect Your Data

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Without access to your critical files, application data or your servers, your business is unlikely to survive a systems failure, a natural disaster or human error and, with the imminent arrival of GDPR, data protection has become even more important to organisations who store customer data. 

Doing our part to protect the planet

Cloud Central main office is based on Badger Farm Business Park which has installed 600 solar panels that produce 150,000kwh per annum. The office is self efficient using only 120,000kwh per annum and providing 30,000kwh pa to the grid. Our solar panels allow us to offset 120 tones of carbon emissions per annum.