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Cyber Security

Securing your business against online threats can be a daunting task for any sized business. Cloud Central provides business-grade cyber security solutions to make sure the threats to your business are dealt with in a proactive way.

End Point Protection

Our end point protection gives you total control and visibility of your devices, regardless of network, location or domain. Your business devices will be protected against data breaches, corruption and losses, while also keeping them monitored to give you complete peace of mind.


Firewalls monitor your online presence, allowing only clients and potential genuine customers to interact with your business. With our advanced firewall protection services, you can safely use the Internet, while being monitored for your safety.

Online Server Back up

Losing the smallest amount of data can be critical to any company. Backing up data in the traditional way using an external hard drive or tape could still leave you without data, due to loss through theft, fire or corruption. Our online data back-up service keeps multiple back-ups of your data, making recovery easy if anything unfortunate were to happen.

Disaster Recovery

An IT disaster could prevent your business from providing your clients with their accustomed service. In the event of an IT disaster we make sure you get all your data and systems back, within a fast, responsive timeframe.

Total Data Protection Powered by Datto

Safeguard your business from IT disasters, human error and malware, such as ransomware, with our Datto solutions. This product provides protection for businesses and organisations, while allowing business continuity on-site and remotely.

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We realise that being denied access to your data due to unexpected circumstances can be disastrous for a business. Cloud Central makes sure you quickly and securely re-establish all lost data.

Ransomware Protection

More and more businesses are being subjected to ransomware targeting, as well as other threats. Cloud Central can provide SMEs with award-winning proactive ransomware prevention.

Active Monitoring

We can actively monitor and alert clients of issues that may have occurred with their IT infrastructures. Our proactive approach means we will be working to resolve the issues, even before you are alerted

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