Make & receive calls through Microsoft Teams powered by Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect enables you to make and receive calls within Microsoft Teams without having to use expensive or limiting tools. The all-in-one platform integrates seamlessly and offers features such as call queueing and call recording. 

Replace your traditional telephone system with Microsoft Teams calling

Cloud Connect
Cloud Connect is a fully managed end-to-end hosted telephony solution that seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Teams environment. Choose the way you want to communicate be it a desk-based phone, workstation or mobile device.

The perfect business phone solution for any size company

Cloud Connect is easily scalable. Additional licenses can be added within minutes, and our fixed monthly cost per user will allow you to budget for growth and scale. The administration portal gives you the tools to program and make changes to users, numbers, or queues. 

office phones

Fully featured reception console that can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

Unlike Microsoft’s own solution, Cloud Connect can provide a fully functional virtual reception console – allowing the user to work from any location, perfect for a hybrid working environment.

Feature comparison against Microsoft's own Team calling licence plan

Cloud Connect
Microsoft Team Business Voice
Time Based Routing​
Analogue Device Attachment​
Advanced Call Reporting​
Scheduled Call Reports
Call Barring
Calling Line ID
Company Phone Speed Dial​
Fax to Email
Intercom Feature
Reception Console

Our hosted telephony solution offers many powerful features

Easy access to contacts, voicemail and faxes, and clever features that make it easy to monitor and take calls – even when you’re out and about.

Call pick-up groups and easy ways to share and transfer calls, contacts and voicemails to support efficient team-working.

Call Recording anywhere with any compatible Cloud Connect handset or Microsoft Teams.

Built-in security and fail-safe business continuity features.

Porting your business numbers is simple and quick. 

Support for Call Centres with seamless scalability for up to 1000 users.

Get up and running as quickly as within a day

Cloud Connect is easy to manage via its intuitive to use web portal.

Get Cloud Connect for your business

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There is no doubt that having a robust IT infrastructure has been a definite enabler to our growth in revenue and profitability that we have generated in recent years. Our revenue has increased 24% and profit has increased by 75% in the past 3 years. All of our statistics work in favour of ‘getting IT working for you’.
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