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Cloud Services for SME’s

Cloud Central is at the forefront in providing cloud computing services to SMEs. We have worked closely with our clients to ensure we provide the best cloud-based solutions to significantly help businesses become more productive, while also reducing costs.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid solutions are a mixture of on-site private cloud, public, colocation and Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) to create a service that’s just right for your business needs. The benefit of hybrid solutions is in deploying the workload in the right environment by allowing workloads to move between each solution. Hybrid Cloud solutions give businesses the ability to gain more resources while reducing costs.

Virtual Computers

Virtual computing provides access to your business’s desktop environment from anywhere in the world, providing an Internet connection is available. Not only does virtual computing provide a more productive working environment, but it also reduces infrastructure costs.

Cloud Data Centre

Cloud data centres provide a faster, more reliable evolution than their traditional predecessors. Similar to conventional data centres, we allow you to store your data in a secure environment, away from your on-site location, just in case any disasters occur. Our data centres create cloud back-ups regularly, to which your business will have access, if and when needed.

Cloud Migration

Moving your business to the cloud can be a daunting and complicated task. However, this manoeuvre can also provide significant benefits, such as reduced costs and a streamlined IT environment. Cloud Central has successfully migrated various SMEs across to the cloud. We make sure we notify you of the roadmap that will occur during the process, giving you complete peace of mind.

Cloud Solutions

private cloud

Private Cloud

The private cloud is generally dedicated to a single organisation for private use. It can be built either on- or off-site — the latter option usually provided by a third party — and it delivers virtualised application, communications and infrastructure services.

public cloud

Public Cloud

The public cloud allows a cheaper alternative to the private cloud, whereby the hardware is owned and managed by a third party. This allows for a low cost, pay-as-you-go cloud service, ideal for SMEs.

community cloud

Community Cloud

The community cloud comprises collaborative systems shared by a limited number of organisations, often within the same industry or geographical region. Costs are split among the users, dependent upon usage. Third parties can host a community cloud internally or externally.

hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud offers the best of the private and public cloud. It enables an organisation to retain private, sensitive information in a private cloud, but also provide access to a variety of cloud computing services offered by the public cloud.



The cloud is proven to have more uptime than regular local IT networks, resulting in a more productive business.


On average, the cloud delivers a 30% reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions per business. Small businesses could see up to a 90% reduction.


As long as you have an Internet connection, you will have access to your cloud. Wherever you are in the world, you can now work and collaborate with colleagues and contacts — instantaneously.

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