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Microsoft Office 365

Cloud Central offers a variety of MSOffice 365 plans to suit your business requirements. Office 365 for business is a more advanced version of Office 365, giving your business more enterprise benefits than the regular version.

Office suite

Office 365 for business suite provides more software than the regular version. You will also have access to Skype for Business, Access, and OneDrive for Business.

Office on PCs, tablets, and phones

Take your full office suite wherever you go. You can use Office 365 on your PC, laptop, tablet or your smartphone, allowing you to access all your documents no matter where you are.


Office 365 also provides business-level email addresses for each user, with up to 50gb of storage per address and up to 150mb of attachments per email.

On-Site & Client based chat solutions

Whether you need to communicate with on-site clients using Microsoft Teams, or need to make a business video call with Skype for Business, every user gets access to both options.


Collaboration is faster and easier with Office 365 cloud technology – files are updated live while you work, allowing for a seamless process of creating and altering content.  Foster collaboration with donors, volunteers, and partners from outside your organization through guest access to Group sites and resources, video conferencing, and Yammer external groups.


Microsoft Office 365 can integrate with your emails, phone line, and Skype account which makes the whole process of communicating with clients seamless and fluid.

Maximize your impact

Get the latest technology, such as real-time tracking and multiple authoring on documents, and impress your most important stakeholders with business-class email, virtual board meetings, and paperless statements.

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