Business Cloud Services

Your Business could benefit from the power of the Cloud

Flexbility of Cloud

Cloud Central is a leading provider of cloud services to small to medium-sized enterprises across the UK. Our goal is to provide our customers with best-in-class cloud-based solutions that enhance productivity, flexibility, and collaboration within your business. By offering these solutions, we also aim to reduce IT running costs for your organisation.

Migrating to the Cloud is easy

Transitioning your business to the cloud can appear overwhelming and complex. Cloud Central has successfully migrated numerous small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK to the cloud. We aim to ensure a seamless transition that is customised to fit the needs and requirements of your business. Our team works with your business to create a detailed roadmap, giving you full transparency about the process and procedures involved. This ensures that you can confidently trust our services and have complete peace of mind.

Benefits of moving your business to the Cloud

Improve Collaboration

Cloud technology enables seamless collaboration among staff members in a business, facilitating teamwork on documents, projects, and workflows in real-time. This contributes to better communication, increased knowledge sharing, and improved productivit within the organisation.

Increased Accessibility

The Cloud allows employees to access applications and data from any location and device that is connected to the internet. This can enhance productivity, collaboration, and the ability to work remotely.

Scalability & Flexibility

Moving to the Cloud allows for flexible resource scaling in response to demand. The flexibility offered enables businesses to effortlessly adjust to evolving workloads and user demands, eliminating the necessity for substantial infrastructure modifications.

Cost Savings

Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud removes the requirement for initial investments in hardware, software, and maintenance expenses. Businesses can optimise their costs and enhance budget management by paying solely for the resources they utilise.

Improved Security & Disaster Recovery

We have carefully selected a cloud infrastructure that offers top-notch security measures, ensuring the protection of your valuable data and resources against cyber threats. We constantly update and monitor the system to keep your business secure.

It also offers data backup through robust redundancy measures. This allows us to be effective in reducing downtime and preventing data loss during disasters or system failures.

Sustainable Solution

Cloud computing can play a vital role in reducing businesses’ impact on the environment by effectively utilising shared infrastructure and optimizing resource usage, thereby enabling them to greatly minimize their carbon footprint and contribute significantly to sustainability endeavours.