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Dynamic Mail Protection

Don’t let mail security be your business’s Achilles heel.

In partnership with ESET, Cloud Central deliver the best enterprise-grade, multi-platform, email security solution on the market. 

This expert service is augmented by cloud-based sandboxing technology to strengthen your mail security from every angle. ESET Dynamic Mail Protection incorporates behaviour-based detection and is easily managed via a single online console, making it the optimum solution for businesses of all sizes.

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How Mail Security Threats Could Cripple Your Business

Email is one of the most common ways for malware to be spread amongst businesses. Malware is the number one threat to your mail security, causing irreversible damage to your business operations, corrupting data and stealing confidential information. 

Malware is often spread through emails in the guise of someone you know or trust. The likes of spam, spoofing, and phishing attacks are some of the most common ways that malware works through business email to infiltrate and damage your computer systems. Working with ESET, Cloud Central’s dynamic mail protection keeps you safe from malware in various ways.

Dynamic Mail Protection provides:

phishing protection

Protection against phishing

spam filter

Spam filtering

ransomware protection

Protection against ransomware

zero day threat

Zero-day threats detection

remote management

Remote management

The solutions are:

Security Management Centre

ESET Security Management Centre is an easy-to-use management console, providing real-time visibility for on-premise and off premise endpoints. This solution will be the heart of your mail security protection strategy, as well as full reporting for ESET solutions on all OSes. The most transparent and all-encompassing mail security administration system available. 

Mail Security

ESET Mail Security’s award-winning solutions provide powerful server malware protection, spam filtering, anti-phishing and thorough email scanning against all email-borne threats. It is compatible with all major email platforms including Exchange, Office365, IBM Domino and Kerio. 

Cloud-based Sandbox Analysis

ESET Dynamic Threat Defence is a cloud-based sandboxing solution. It evaluates the behaviour of all submitted samples with threat intelligence feeds to stop mail security breaches at the source.  ESET’s multiple internal tools provide static and dynamic analysis of your mail protection, whilst reputation data works in tandem to detect zero-day threats to your mail security. 

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