Cloud Central malware protection

Malware Protection

Today’s malware, being dynamic and often targeted, requires a multi-layered approach based on proactive and smart technologies.

Cloud Central’s endpoint and security protection technologies protect all of your most-used operating systems with the same level of functionality, leaving no potential entry point to your network unprotected. 

Cloud Central proactive monitoring

The powerful security management console gives you real-time information on the security state of your network, endpoints and mobile devices, including security and administration functionality that protects you against threats.

Cloud Central can safeguard your organisation with a secret weapon in the war against cyber extortion. Datto Siris is a fully feature platform for back up, recovery and business continuity in local, virtual and cloud environments. 

All in One platform

On site and online

datto SIRIS

Backup, Restore, and Continuity

Get the 3 most important elements of data protection in a single fully integrated SIRIS package.

Network Attached Storage

Easily provision capacity on the SIRIS 3 appliance to serve as shared NAS file storage or as IP block storage with iSCSI.

Sync and Share

Access files on SIRIS 3 from anywhere using desktop or mobile clients and synchronize changes to keep files up to date, all while storing in their local infrastructure.

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