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IT Support

We understand that running your own in-house IT department can be a very costly exercise for small to medium-sized businesses. IT departments can be understaffed & overworked, or not fully utilised & cause an inconvenient drain on budgets. Resources applied towards your IT Department may also be better allocated elsewhere within your organisation. At Cloud Central, we provide a comprehensive alternative to having your very own in-house IT department. Our team provide remote & on-site IT Support to businesses with a ‘client-first approach.’

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Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support is an excellent way to provide cost-effective support to business. Businesses can get in touch with one of our IT support specialists, via email, or telephone, who will work with your organisation to resolve the issue.

We found that 95% of our clients can address an issue within one remote IT support session. By simply getting in touch with our support team. We use state-of-the-art IT support technologies that allow Cloud Central to access your IT infrastructure remotely and resolve issues within a session.

remote it support specialists helping clients
onsite it support specialist helping clients

OnSite IT Support

In addition to the benefits of remote support, Cloud Central provide OnSite IT support and maintenance to small and medium-sized business.

We understand that some issues cannot remotely be resolved and you may need an IT specialist to work on-site. If this is the case, we will arrange an appointment with your business to send a specialist engineer to remedy your IT related problem.

IT Infrastructure Audit

We understand businesses grow and require more resources to operate at its best. Without an adequate plan to forecast IT upgrades as you grow, your business could suffer from bottlenecks and severe downtime because of strain on your inadequate IT infrastructures.

Businesses who sign-up to an IT Support plan are entitled to an Infrastructure performance review. We look at how we can serve your businesses needs while looking at ways at reducing monthly outgoings.

it support infrastructure audit
24 hour day IT support 7 days a week

24×7 Monitoring

Our proactive approach means 24 X 7 Monitoring is bundled into our support packages. We believe by monitoring your IT infrastructure; we can find and eliminate causes of downtime before they affect your business.

IT Maintenance

Performing & managing maintenance for your IT infrastructure is vital to your business’s day to day operations. Our 24×7 active monitoring provides our IT support team with alerts when maintenance is required. We will contact your organisation to arrange an in-house maintenance appointment.

it support maintenance
flexible it support pricing

Flexible pricing plans

Cloud Central offers a bespoke range of maintenance and support packages to suit you and your specific business. We can provide a flexible pay-as-you-go support facility or fully contracted agreement with agreed levels of service which involve bespoke or fixed times.

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