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Data Backup

Having a data backup and recovery plan is important to the overall success of your business. Without one, your business could suffer from a permanent data loss, massive downtime, and unnecessary expense.

Whatever size your business, whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant or a marketing company your data will always be vulnerable to threats.  Viruses, accidents, cyberattacks from criminals across the globe or simply the result of human error your data is very easy to lose.

Without your data and your mission critical business applications such as account information it is almost impossible for your people to do their work and without a DR or Back up plan you may have to start your business again from scratch.  That is if you can recover your reputation.

Cloud Central end point

Cloud Central’s highly secured data centre and team of dedicated IT professionals can store, backup, and protect your data no matter what disaster comes your way.

Avoid Downtime

If anything happens to your data, we can recover it quickly so that you can minimise downtime and maintain operations.

Preserve Integrity

Your data is continuously backed up at all times of the day, which means we can recover all of your data. Not just some of it.

Stay Secure

Your data is stored in a highly secured facility.

Cloud Central in partnership with Datto offer the SIRIS Platform to keep your data secure and ensure that you have full back up – all the time.

A fully featured platform for backup, recovery, and business continuity for local, virtual, and Cloud environments.

Backup and Restore

Easily Automate and Quickly Deliver

Users lose files by deleting them, overwriting them, or when hardware fails. With SIRIS, simply schedule regular backups for a device…

Hybrid Virtualization Options

If a business experiences a server failure, the protected systems can be virtualized instantly on the Datto device or in the secure Datto Cloud. 

Image-Based Backup

Datto uses image-based backups to capture a complete picture of a protected workstation or server.

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