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Data Protection

Your business is at risk every day.  Simple daily backups are no longer enough to ensure that your business can keep running in the event of equipment failure, human error, fire, flood, cybersecurity or security threats.

If disaster strikes how will you ensure that your company’s IT environment has enough flexibility redundancy and resilience to protect your business data while remaining simple to set up use and recover?

Cloud Central has a range of solutions that can help you to protect your business and ensure the security of your business data.

Introducing datto SIRIS

datto SIRIS

Datto Siris is the first fully featured total data protection platform in one integrated solution. Choosing from a family of physical virtual and software appliances, as well as a variety of storage options, you can craft a unique data protection solution tailored to your business.

SIRIS supports a wide array of operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and protects and restores to both physical machines and virtual environments, giving you the option to restore, no matter where your business data is held.

disaster recovery from datto

With backups scheduled as often as every five minutes your backup is tested, stored locally and replicated to UK Based secure data centres.  With Datto infinite cloud retention, you can store your data for as long as your company needs it.

Cloud Central proactive monitoring

Detect ransomware threats before they happen.

SIRIS monitors and targets specific patterns of ransomware within a single backup, notifies you and helps you get back to business without paying ransom. Imagine the power to back up, restore and secure business data integrated into one solution and supported by a world-class, 24/7 365 tech support crew.

With Datto Siris your business can run anywhere, protect anything and restore anytime.

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