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Cloud Central understands that for SME’s running your own in-house IT department can be a costly exercise.  IT departments can be understaffed and overworked, not fully utilised and a drain on budgets.  You may also find that resources applied to your IT Department could be better allocated elsewhere.  Cloud Central provides remote and onsite IT support to businesses, and our client first approach is a comprehensive alternative to an in-house IT Department.

Flexible Pricing

Cloud Central offers a bespoke range of maintenance and support packages. From pay as you go support to a fully managed service package with agreed service levels — we can tailor our packages to suit your business needs.

24x7x365 Monitoring

Our proactive approach means that 24x7x365 monitoring is bundled into all of our support packages. By continuously monitoring your IT infrastructure we proactively find and eliminate downtime causes before they affect your business.

IT Maintenance

Cloud Central also providers maintenance to your IT Infrastructure to continuously provide the agreed service levels in your contract, we also pay, as you go maintenance to those organisations that require it.  

Emergencies and Ad-hoc

Cloud Central offers organisations that require emergency and Ad-hoc services to those who require support. We understand that sudden downtime due to unexpected occurrences such as hardware failure to critical server crashes can cause immediate security vulnerabilities and productivity loses. Our team of specialists can help your organisation get back into working order with our emergency and Ad-Hoc services designed for those organisations that do not want to be tied into a contract. 

Remote-IT Support

Cloud Central’s ‘Remote IT Support’ is an excellent way to provide your business with cost-effective IT support. We have found that our remote IT support sessions can address the issues of over 95% of our customers.

By contacting our team of IT support specialists they will work with you to resolve the issue. Our team use state-of-the-art IT support technologies that allow us to access your IT infrastructure remotely and diagnose and even resolve the issue without having to request a call out.

On-Site IT Support

In addition to the benefits we provide through our Remote-IT Support packages, we offer on-site support and maintenance. Cloud Central understand that not all issues can be resolved remotely and your business may need an IT specialist to work from your location. If this is the case, then we will arrange to send a specialist engineer to your business to remedy your IT issue.

Strategic IT Director

Our Strategic IT Director will deliver the expertise and capability of an experienced IT professional ensuring that your business has someone on hand who has the knowledge to make strategic IT decisions. We provide regular business reviews to discuss how IT can help your long-term business challenges. We will proactively identify areas where technology changes can deliver significant benefits to your business.

For SMEs, there are considerable benefits to be gained by embracing new, emerging tech. Going digital opens up a range of opportunities to compete against larger organisations – something that is often considered difficult, or even impossible, for smaller businesses due to restricted budgets, pressures on time and resources, or low staff numbers.

Our Strategic IT Director can help your business plan for future growth and success by looking at digital enhancements and new technologies to ensure that your company can deliver experience greater efficiency and accuracy, reduced costs, and a more productive workforce by getting on board with digital transformation.

Proactive approach

Regular reviews to review opportunities and risks and plan new IT developments.

Technology roadmap

Identify trends that could be incorporated into your business to improve your IT infrastructure.

Align IT with goals

Develop IT plans to help you achieve long-term business objectives.

strategic director

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