The Ultimate Checklist for an Effective Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan is vital to protect your organisation from unforeseen digital threats and uncontrollable mishaps. Cloud computing services allow for data to be mirrored at various different sites within the cloud’s network. As a result of this, business continuity is strengthened through simple disaster recovery and data backup. To find out more about […]

Why You Need Data Recovery Testing: An Expert’s Opinion

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Data recovery testing is the process of purposefully crashing your computer systems to test their ability to recover the data. In the mock disaster, the forced failure allows a business to prepare for the worst, and ensure the quality of their recovery process. The test is then evaluated for its efficiency and integrity. The results, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

cloud computing

The development of cloud computing has resulted in a big change in the way in which businesses utilise IT resources. Because of this, many organisations are becoming more flexible, more productive and more collaborative while reducing costs. Keep reading to discover the advantages, disadvantages and everything else you need to know about cloud computing. What […]

Cloud Central supplies fastest growing UK company

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Established in 2013 by Mark Waters and Ben Everington, Midwinter Solutions is a specialist business, sourcing the drugs required for clinical trials. They work with manufacturers to ensure that the right drugs arrive on time and safely, wherever in the world the trials are taking place. Midwinter has a clear focus, offering unrivalled experience in […]

Business Mobile Security for Android

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Cloud Central, in partnership with ESET, offer a light-footprint endpoint security including antimalware, anti-phishing and anti-theft for Android devices. Remote Management Lock/unlock, and even wipe missing devices remotely  Device Security No need for a dedicated mobile device management (MDM) tool  Application Control Monitor apps on the device, and block access to specific apps  Anti-Theft Secure […]

The Effect of Ransomware on Businesses & Organisations

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In recent months, concerning reports have emerged of the escalation of ransomware attacks hitting businesses and organisations, especially within Europe. Ransomware has steadily grown since 2013; with estimations that attacks will double in 2017, from the previous year. In July 2016, Cisco declared that Ransomware is now the most profitable malware in history. The success […]