Digital Transformation

How Cloud Computing Fuels Digital Transformation

Cloud Computing is a general term which is used to describe the on-demand delivery of hosted services across the internet or “The Cloud”. Nowadays it is the lifeblood of many business operations and is absolutely vital for digital transformation. 

Thanks to cloud computing, many organisations are becoming more productive, more collaborative and more flexible, whilst simultaneously keeping costs down. The IT services which are available through cloud computing include the likes of: networking, software, analytics, intelligence, storage, servers and databases. 

This article will explore the multiple ways in which cloud computing fuels digital transformation. Get in touch today to discuss your cloud computing needs today.

How The Cloud Enables Digital Transformation

Cloud computing has completely revolutionised business operations on a global scale. Whilst digital transformation used to used to put your business above the competition, nowadays, it is often essential to simply remain relevant within the competitive virtual world. 

Given its huge popularity amongst both SMEs and larger operations, it is no surprise that 88% of UK businesses are currently utilising cloud computing services. However, instead of simply complying with business trends and following what the rest of the industry is doing, cloud computing can be used as a means of transforming and growing your business empire in a crucial way. 

As user demand increases and the virtual environment becomes more competitive, many people are looking for new digital transformation strategies to grow their business. Cloud Computing opens up the potential for digital transformation due to the multiple benefits it provides in terms of security, flexibility, cost and accessibility.

Flexible IT resources are afforded through The Cloud, which promotes seamless business model transformation and streamlines time to market operations. Cloud computing facilitates this change through offering a wholly scalable and flexible service to suit an organisation’s particular circumstances.

This scalability is particularly vital for SMEs, whose primary objective is growth. Cloud Computing accelerates this growth through facilitating a digital transformation strategy which is both scalable and cost-effective. The Cloud can be customised to provide you with the right amount of capacity at the right time.

Saving Time and Money

Not only does cloud computing promote tangible digital transformation by allowing for your business to grow alongside your infrastructure, but it also keeps financial and time expenditure down to a minimum. Time-consuming data processing and software patching are removed through utilising The Cloud, freeing up vital resources to aid in digital transformation 

Ultimately, businesses can save money by streamlining their operation onto one easily accessible compute platform or service. The likes of expensive computer equipment, hardware, software and IT resources could then be unnecessary and removed from business expenditure. This multi-application cloud computing system is a vital way to promote digital transformation through boosting time and financial resources.

Implementing a Seamless Digital Transformation Strategy

Cloud Computing is a highly sophisticated and revolutionary piece of technology, however, a big mistake that businesses make is trying to implement their digital transformation all at once. Growing and improving your business through the cloud can only be achieved through effectively and strategically migrating your business over to it in the first place.

When carrying out this migration, it is essential to plan properly and anticipate that it may take multiple stages to implement a seamless digital transformation strategy for your business. Firstly, it is vital to tactfully transfer the core elements of your business. 

Migrating fundamental business operations, such as email and file sharing systems is often the first step that both SMEs and larger organisations should take. Taking the “all at once” approach may be tempting for businesses who want to transform and grow their business as fast as possible; however, this can be a dangerous approach.

Many businesses opt to instead “drip feed” their transition to cloud computing into their business culture. Some members of your team may experience a “teething period” in which they re-adjust to the new processes which come along with a move to The Cloud. Whilst such a period is natural and can be minimised through working with the right cloud computing service, it can have a detrimental effect on business operations when not handled effectively. 

A cloud computing transformation is a vital means of promoting growth, whilst simultaneously strengthening stability, allowing for scalability, promoting flexibility, reducing time and money costs and ultimately revolutionising a business’ digital operations. However, Some businesses may find such a migration to be daunting due to the concerning prospect of lost data or the slowing down of operations.

Working with a cloud computing service provider with experience  in migrating SMEs over to The Cloud is vital to ensure these benefits are maximised alongside minimising potential drawbacks.

Transforming Your Empire with Cloud Computing

Cloud Central have successfully implemented digital transformation strategies for many UK SMEs, through carrying out a seamless migration to the cloud at a pace and structure which suits them.

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