Why You Need Data Recovery Testing: An Expert’s Opinion

data security

Data recovery testing is the process of purposefully crashing your computer systems to test their ability to recover the data. In the mock disaster, the forced failure allows a business to prepare for the worst, and ensure the quality of their recovery process. The test is then evaluated for its efficiency and integrity. The results, […]

How Cloud Computing Fuels Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Cloud Computing is a general term which is used to describe the on-demand delivery of hosted services across the internet or “The Cloud”. Nowadays it is the lifeblood of many business operations and is absolutely vital for digital transformation.  Thanks to cloud computing, many organisations are becoming more productive, more collaborative and more flexible, whilst […]

5 Benefits of Using Managed IT Service Providers


Since its evolution in the 1990s, managed IT service providers, or MSPs, have become an integral part of business development. At present, the title is commonly used alongside “cloud service provider”, due to the explosion of online business opportunities in recent years, and the presence of a service level agreement. What Is a Managed IT […]

Cloud Central Win Big At The Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019

Midlands Enterprise Awards

Organised by SME News, The Midlands Enterprise Awards is an evening of celebration. The event features some of the midlands most prominent businesses, shining a light on the hard work and dedication of the region. Recognising small businesses with big dreams, the nominees are chosen anonymously, commonly by clients who want to reward the business […]