Tips to improve your Microsoft Teams experience

More organisations have now offered their employees the option to now homework due to world events. During this time it is incredibly important to make sure everyone inside your organisation are communicating in a seamless and easy manner. Microsoft Teams provides an easy to use instant messaging service that keeps everyone in the loop. Cloud Central has gathered together tips to improve your Microsoft Teams experience.

Forward Emails into Chat

Not all organisations use Teams and Microsoft is well aware of this. Teams have at the ability to forward emails to Teams via a generated email. By clicking the ellipsis next to any channels and selecting “Get email address”. You can now share this address to anyone you want to communicate within that channel.

Integrate Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is a power complete telephony solution that offers small to medium-sized organisations Microsoft Teams integration via Office 365. When there is a conference call you can simply call in using your Cloud Connect number and join a meeting without needing to be near your work device or in the Teams app. You can learn more about Cloud Connect here.

Create Channels

Channels are powerful tool that offers a way to focus topics and discussion in their own spaces. Microsoft Teams allows flexible privileges to make sure discussion are either easily accessible to those in your organisation.

Use Teams Apps and Automation

Microsoft Teams has a wide range of apps available to integrate within the Teams environment. With over 600 apps and automations you can find the right tools to make sure workspace a more productive environment.

Integrate Sharepoint

SharePoint integrates securely into Teams and allows you to store and collaborate within the platform. Every channels has access to Sharepoint by simply going to the files tabs and navigating to Sharepoint.